In booking with us you are assured you have a professional crew witha respect for nature. We prefer to do catch tag and release however you our guest has the ultimate decision

Our services include well maintained boats and professional courtious staff that has respect for both man and nature.    As professionals we know about the thrill of the catch but we also know about the fragile eco system.

The warm waters of Jamaica has plenty to catch from bone to mahi mahi.  Though there is no way to promise you will catch a fish we can assure you that we go to all the right spots and know all the right tricks

We offer 4, 6, and 8 hour charters and supply everything from boat to beverages.   Enjoy some Jamaican treats or a cold beverage while catching the big one in the beautiful waters of Montego Bay.

We offer drop fising, trolling, and line fishing we hope to add kite fishing and a few other surprises soon.  When you want to fish while in Montego Bay the professionals at Marlin Madness know how to get it done.   We know the spots and pride ourselves in our awards and trophy fish.  Contact us today to find out more.